Wholesale/sale of stock fabrics by weight

Wide assortment ready for delivery.

We are able to export all over the world.

The quality of a fabric is the first thing that must be carefully considered in order to produce durable and appreciated garments. We at S.P. Cotton carefully choose the fabric we purchase in order to always provide the best quality to our customers/clients.
All fabrics are selected and checked by our highly trained staff. Extensive quality checks are carried out on fabrics of European origin, ensuring that they are manufactured according to the highest market standards.

Over the years we have established collaboration with Italian textile companies which allows us to guarantee a unique offer in the sector of the wholesale/sale of stock fabrics by weight.
Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, garment makers and tailors can now find in our warehouse all fabric materials needed to better satisfy their own customers.

Our warehouses are located in a large structure of over 2 500 square meters which you can visit accompanied by SP Cotton staff/personnel.

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