TNT fabric for masks and disposable medical clothing.

Fabric ART. TNT 40 gr / m2 = 64 gr / ml (water-repellent, non-irritating, non-toxic), white color, length 1.50 m

Fabric ART. TNT 45 gr / m2 = 67.5 gr / ml (water-repellent, non-irritating, non-toxic), black color, length 1.50 m

Fabric ART. TNT 50 gr / m2 = 70 gr / ml (water-repellent, non-irritating, non-toxic), hospital green color, length 1.60 m

*Fabrics made in Italy, prompt delivery

The characteristics of an excellent non-woven fabric (TNT) are:
– water repellency
– resistance to low and even high temperatures
– softness or at least non-abrasiveness to the touch
A particular process is spunbonded, consisting of the melting of the polymer, which is subsequently drilled and pressed, improving the softness of the product and the possibility of making it very thin.

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