Stock fabric warehouses

Frequent and constant supplies.

You will always find everything you are looking for.

The management of our warehouses is highly efficent and organized.
The warehouses contain a vast selection of stock fabrics by weight ready for delivery, with lots ranging from 500 kg to 15,000 kg per type.

The numerous collaborations with Italian companies for decades allow us to be able to guarantee a wide and unique offer in the sector of stock fabrics.

Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, garment manufacturers and tailors can find all types of fabrics in our warehouses to best satisfy their customers.

warehouses stock fabrics

Wide assortment

Our buyers are constantly looking for fabrics, which arrive on regular basis to our warehouses. We prepare fabrics based on specific customer needs. Request photos of new arrivals also via Whatsapp.

warehouses stock fabrics

Fabric samples on request

Get in touch with our offices, let us know which type of fabric you are looking for and we will prepare a customized sample kit for you which will be delivered to your company in a few working days.

warehouses stock fabrics

Prompt delivery

Ready availability in warehouse of various types of fabric such as cotton and polyester, unbleached or ready-to-dye fabrics and solid colors in different weights. Good quality at competitive prices.


Call us to book a visit to our warehouses, to be able to see our supplies and see the quality of our fabrics for yourself.
Once decided, we will arrange your order to be sent to wherever you would like: we deliver all over the world.