SP Cotton

Leader in the sale of stock fabrics ready-to-delivery.

We are able to export all around the world.

Thanks to the building and nutuirng of several partnerships with textile producers and Italian cotton mills, today, SP Cotton plays a strong role of excellence in the field of trade and sale of stock fabrics, in a market that includes customers all over the world.

SP Cotton is best known for cottons: besides the classical colored or printed cotton of medium weight, it is also possible to find raw cotton or ready-to-dye cottons of various weight.

The efficient organization of SP Cotton offers, on customer request, collaborations with leading companies in international land/sea transport for the loading and delivery of purchased goods.

stock fabrics company

Prompt delivery

Organization, availability, promptness and speed of order fulfillment allow us to reach customers all over the world and to be recognized as a leading company in the stock fabric sector with imediate delivery.

stock fabrics company

Competitive prices

Our mission is to continue to offer our clients an increasingly wide range of fabric, especially good-quality fabrics at highly competitive prices in order to always guarantee a unique offer in the stock fabric sector.

stock fabrics company

Fabrics by weight

SP Cotton has a wide range of raw or ready-to-dye cotton, polyester, and many other type of fabric, always available for immediate delivery with lots from 1000 to 15 000 kg per type.

The story of SP Cotton

SP Cotton SRL was founded in 1987 in Arzignano, initially with wholesale and retail activity of workwear and later opening a household linen retail store.

Gelsomino Colladon started the wholesale stock fabric business at the beginning of the 90s.

His strong entrepreneurial spirit, commitment, and creativity led the company to expand and move to a larger structure of about 2500 square meters in Soave (in front of the MI-VE highway) in 2007.

stock fabrics company
stock fabrics ready to delivery

SP Cotton is today recognized as a leading company in the sale and trade of stock fabrics by weight ready-to-delivery.

Its strengths are the availability of staff and the ability to export fabrics all over the world.

The efficient organizational level inside the warehouses allows promptness and speed when processing orders.

The staff of SP Cotton is at your disposal and able to communicate with you in English, French and in Eastern European languages.