Circularity and sustainability

Sustainability and fashion are increasingly interconnected worlds: many brands offer garments with fabrics in natural or recycled fibers while people are moving towards a more conscious consumption, far from fast fashion logic.

The fashion economy invoices 71.7 billion euros in Italy alone, which is linked to constant and widespread textile production all over the world.

However, if it is true that many textile producers have enriched their manufactures with organic and sustainable materials, it is equally true that old inventories continue to exist: fabrics that have not been disposed of and destined to be thrown away because unsold, with small production defects or simply unfashionable.

Second-hand and circularity are concepts known in the pret-a-porter sector: so why not apply it also downstream of this important supply chain, using them also for fabrics?

There are still rolls and rolls of abandoned fabrics that hide a great wealth and are more than deserving of a second life thanks to the creativity and commitment of designers and tailoring studios.

Precisely for this reason we are proud to contribute to the circularity and reuse of materials: transforming old fabrics into fashionable clothing gives these products a new sustainable life.

SP Cotton enters the new and necessary upcycling circuit where we do not just recycle but recover, giving new value to the product.